New Onshore Windfarm Half the Cost of Hinkley Point

21 August by Sally Woods


The price drop in renewable energy technology means that new onshore developments could be built for the same price as a new gas power station or almost half the cost of Hinkley Point C, according to leading engineering consultants Arup.

EDF were awarded a 'contract for difference' of £92.50 per MWH over 35 years for Hinkley Point, in contrast Arup are able to deliver windfarms for £50-55 per MWH across 15 years.

The research comes from Scottish Power who commissioned a report to try and persuade the government to look again at its energy strategy and specifically its attitude to onshore wind.  

Onshore wind is proving to be extremely competitive on price across the globe and there is a growing appetite for wind energy that the UK should not miss out on, particularly in one of its windest regions - Scotland.

The Tory government have effectively put a halt on onshore developments in the UK, however with increasing pressure to deliver cost effective, green energy, they may have to look again.

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