£40K Average Salary for Health and Safety Practitioners

21 August by Jack Cornick


In a recent survey conducted by IOSH in May this year, they give a snapshot of pay, conditions and morale across their member safety and health practitioners

Survey highlights include: 

  • The average salary for all full-time practitioners is £40,000.
  • The average pay rise received by respondents in the previous 12 months was 1%, half that for the rest of the economy.
  • More than one-third of respondents received no pay rise in the previous 12 months.
  • Only one in five respondents says their pay is linked directly to performance reviews.
  • Female practitioners are paid on average 5% less than their male counterparts, half the national average differential.

Two in five consultants in the survey (136 out of 235 with the title) were employed by consultancies; the rest were from; construction, government, energy and water sectors. 

The median salary for consultants working for consultancies was £48,000, substantially higher than the £39,000 figure for all consultants.

Unsurprisingly, salary is shown to increase with level of qualification and OSH membership level, and also the average salary for those with degrees is similar to those with a diploma, which supports that argument that such credentials have degree equivalence to employers.

To read the IOSH Salary Survey in full, visit their website

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