The Big Water Switch

15 August by


Since the commercial water market was opened up in April this year, 70 per cent of companies have contacted their water supplier and 26 per cent have already switched!

These figures are according to the Major Energy User's Council (MEUC) survey, taken at the first quarter after launch. Which also reports that 13 per cent of companies having renegotiated existing contracts and another 30 per cent are considering their options.

So, what does this mean for the water industry?

One company that is already doing exceptionally well from the deregulation is the newly formed Water Plus who have won contracts in excess of £45 million since launch in April. 

Water Plus are a joint venture between Severn Trent and United Utilities, and claim to have already saved businesses who have switched, over £1 million so far.

Water Plus was set up a year ago specifically to service the new business water market, and will manage water supply and wastewater; billing, meter reading and water efficiency advice across any business in the UK.

MEUC are enthusiastic about the new choice for their members in water and in a statement CEO Peter Roper said he was "delighted with the smooth start"; 42 per cent were positive about their switching experience.

However, there have also been teething problems with 28 per cent saying that their experience was "not good" with incorrect billing, meter readings and wrong tariffs.

It's early days, but it looks like most companies are taking advantage of competitive rates and opportunities to save money and achieve better water efficiencies.

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