Mental Health Awareness in Health & Safety

11 September by Jack Cornick


Extended hours, increased pressure at work, austerity cuts are all adding to the amount of stress employees can be put under in the workplace.

Well-being and good mental health is of paramount importance and the health and safety sector are focusing more on keeping their employees’ healthy and happy, not only for employee engagement, but also because it makes economic sense.  

Here are some stats from the HSE 

  • Mental health costs the UK £70bn per year, equivalent to 4.5% of GDP (OECD)
  • Mental ill-health costs each employer £1,035 per employee, per year (Sainsbury Centre for mental health)
  • There are 15.2m sick days per year due to stress, anxiety or depression (Office for national Statistics)
  • Failure to unlock discretionary effort costs UK business £6bn (BUPA)
  • Only 2 in 5 employees are working at peak performance (CIPD)

ALLEN & YORK Health and Safety Recruitment and Via Vita health and well-being consultancy are working together to raise the profile of mental health within the workplace.  

Join them at a networking event on Tuesday 17th October -10:30am - 1:30pm in a central London – contact Jack Cornick Team Leader for Health & Safety for more information and if you want to attend.