23,000 Buildings In London Suitable for Rooftop Development

15 November by


Property consultancy Knight Frank have developed a 3D tool called 'Skyward' which analyses Ordnance Survey and Land Registry data to identify buildings which are suitable for rooftop development.

Skyward has found 23,000 buildings in zones 1 and 2 which could potentially provide as many as 41,000 new homes.

Charles Dugdale, residential development partner at Knight Frank, said the research allowed for the first time a comprehensive look at where there were opportunities for rooftop developing.

“It’s very common for someone to extend on to the roof and there are a number of specialist developers across London working particularly with modular homes to build off-site and then move the structure in,” he said.

“What we’ve lacked up until now is a way of mapping all the places where this is possible.”

He added that developing on the tops of existing properties could provide a way of developers funding improvements to the rest of the building.

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