ALLEN & YORK Charity Telethon for Renewable World

23 November by Miriam Heale


Renewable World is a small charity, with a big heart.  They are based in Brighton with a small team, but they support renewable energy projects around the world.  Since they began work in 2007 their programmes have transformed the lives of over 35,000 people in Central America, East Africa and South Asia.

In the last year they have made tremendous progress with innovative renewable energy programmes in both Kenya and Nepal.  Installing solar microgrids (Energy Hubs) on the shores of Lake Victoria, and solar and hydro powered water pumping in the hills of the Himalayas.  They have also entered a new market in Bangladesh, in partnership with iDE, for a USAID-funded Powering Aquaculture project and in Nicaragua they have installed half of their planned solar home systems.  This was their biggest year of programme activity to date.

The ALLEN & YORK Foundation have supported Renewable World for the last two years, through fundraising days, event sponsorship and running training days for their sales teams.  In 2015 we sponsored their annual cycling event Earth, Wind and Tyre and it was this campaign that we wanted to help with again this year. 

All our sales consultants volunteered to man the phones for the morning, calling around 400 contacts on the Renewable World database to reconnect and introduce the charity, and the Earth, Wind and Tyre Charity Cycle which is taking place in June 2018.  We created new leads, secured donation pledges and helped to update Renewable World’s database of contacts, which as you can imagine for a small team working on multiple jobs all the time, is a very time-consuming task.

 “I’m usually on my own working through our database contacts, to ensure we speak to all our supporters and make contact with those people who would like to get involved with Renewable World.  So, it was fantastic to have such a big team working to update the database and reconnect with many companies who have supported in the past and would like to get involved again. I’m looking forward to getting back to the office to follow-up on all the leads and want to say thank you very much to ALLEN & YORK for their ongoing support – we hope to do it all again next year!” Emily Jesshope, UK Events and Fundraising Officer at Renewable World.

I’ll leave you with just one story of how the charity can and does change lives; Sushmita Regmi is 18 and lives in a village called Sirubari in Nepal. Every day before school Sushmita collected water for two hours, and then again for another two hours in the evening. The water that Sushmita collected for her family for washing, cooking, drinking and crops was 60 litres, which shockingling is less than one person in the UK uses in an 8-minute shower!  Thanks to Renewable World’s installation of solar panels, there is now an electric water pump in the village so that Sushmita can spend her time on activities other than fetching water.

How to support Renewable World Earth, Wind and Tyre Charity Cycle  9th June 2018