ALLEN & YORK Recycle Cigarette Butts into Plastic!

20 November by Miriam Heale


ALLEN & YORK have signed-up with the Cigarette Waste Programme to recycle the butts from our office into amazing plastic products!

Most of us have colleagues who smoke and finally we can do something useful with their cigarette butts.

TerraCycle and JTI have partnered to create the Cigarette Waste Programme, a free recycling programme for cigarette waste. 

All the waste collected through the programme is recycled into a variety of useful plastic products, such as plastic lumber and boards that can be used for items ranging from construction holding, signage and table tops. 

Any remaining tobacco or paper will be recycled as compost – nothing goes to landfill.

If you this would work in your office Sign-up it's free and a brilliant idea!