Wrap Re-labelling Campaign to Reduce Food Waste

29 November by Charles Cocklin


Did you know that apples keep longer in the fridge and meat is best kept at the bottom of the fridge, as cool air sinks? These facts come courtesy of the BBC Food quiz (in partnership with Wrap) to publicise Wrap's campaign to improve food labelling, and reduce food waste.

Five years ago Wrap successful persuaded food companies to change their labelling from 'sell by' to 'display until' and now wants retailers to prioritise the phrase 'best before' suggesting clearly that the food is still safe to eat after this date, although it won't be as fresh.

An estimated 2 million tonnes of food waste is created every year in the UK and much of this is in unopened, in its packaging.  New data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows food prices last month were up by 4.2% on 12 months earlier, a sharp increase on the 0.6% that food inflation was running at just a year ago.

With the potential for more food price increases on the horizon, we really need to learn to be more savvy about our food and waste a lot less.

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