250 New Jobs for GE Renewable Energy Hub in Southampton

15 January by Sally Woods


General Electric has been given the go-ahead to open a new renewable energy research, design and development hub in Southampton. 

GE will generate up to 250 new jobs at their new site; comprising of 100 highly-skilled engineers and technicians, as well as 150 roles within the supply chain.

The site in Woolston has an historic significance, as the place where the Spitfire was build, as well has having strong links with shipbuilding and GE will develop technologies across onshore and offshore wind, as well as hydropower.  

They would like to use the site as a 24-hour wind turbine manufacturing plant as well, and were granted permission for this in April 2017.  However, consultation is still taking place with residents on this development, and Southampton City Council will report back in the next couple of weeks.

Reportedly, GE said: “When completed, the development will cement Southampton’s place as the centre of composite excellence and will be another important step in GE’s strategy of renewable energy investment in the UK”.

“This is the company’s preferred location among a number of international locations based on a number of key factors which include an excellent supply base, and an available pool of highly experienced staff at all levels with strong local academic institutions”.

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