Beating the January Blues

16 January by Jack Cornick


Employee sickness is at its height in January, according to global HR consultancy Mercer.  More than a third of all sickness days are taken in January and mostly on a Monday.

Contributing factors to this are the cold weather, post-Christmas debt, short day length and even the failure to take up new year resolutions! But fear not, because there is hope on the horizon.

The NHS Moodzone gives 10 top tips to help you combat the winter blues, including; Exercise, eating healthily (incl. Omega 3 and Vitamin D - the 'sunshine vitamin'), socialising and taking up a new hobby.

Employee wellbeing is a key driver for health and safety professionals in 2018. The HSE have made ill health a focus for their 2018 plans, with particular emphasis on occupational stress and mental health issues.  Good health and wellbeing is what every employer wants to implement and encourage, preventing downtime from absenteeism and a happy, healthly workforce. 

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