CV Advice Tips – Health and Safety

09 January by Jack Cornick


Writing a CV in Health and Safety is an evolutionary process and is not an exact science. It can be difficult to express all your key skills, qualifications and experience on paper. I would always recommend tailoring your CV to the role you are applying for or at the very least putting together a comprehensive cover letter.


A much-discussed subject in the recruitment arena. In short there is no right or wrong answer to this question in Health and Safety. I have seen some great 2 page CV’s and also some brilliant 7 page CV’s. Be mindful of the end user and the human attention span, I would say anything between 3-5 pages is adequate to list all relevant experience without over doing.


It sounds basic but ensure relevant contact details are available and easy to find, I would always recommend putting these right at the top close to your name.

One thing that more and more clients are looking for on the CV is key achievements. Think about how you have made a difference to the organisation you are working for and include it. This can be anything from implementing a standard to improving LTIR by 10%.

Commercial impact is something that can be important to add although I am aware not everyone will have this experience to expand on. If you have any roles where, through Health, Safety or Environmental programmes you have helped to save costs then include this as it can have particular importance for many roles.


The structure of the CV is important to ensure the relevant information is easily identifiable. I would always recommend a personal profile at the top as a short introduction to your experience and your ambitions.

I would then list relevant qualifications and affiliations to the role, keep this succinct and do not list every qualification you have. Bear in mind that not every qualification you have will be applicable to the role which you are applying for.

It is then important to go through your work experience in chronological order (most recent at the top), when writing this make sure you are commenting on key achievements, commercial results and general duties. Health and Safety is becoming more commercial and linked to the wider business, if you can evidence experience in this area this will make your CV stand out.

Finally, do not forget to add a key interests section at the bottom, it is something that people often leave out but it can give a better idea about you as a person and you may find you have common interests with the interview team.


Your CV should have a clean appearance and should be well spaced and not crowded. Avoid using large colourful images, word art or clip art.  We would prefer a Word document, with no tables (but this is not essential).   Priority is always to make the CV easy to read and digest. Ensure all fonts, spacing and headers are the same throughout, this will achieve the impression you are aiming for. I hope it goes without saying, but ensure the document has been checked multiple times and has been spell checked thoroughly.

For further advice or tips around CV writing then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.