Green Shoppers Go to Iceland

16 January by Charles Cocklin


Iceland will be the first UK supermarket to completely remove all plastic packaging from its own-brand label by 2023 it announced today.

Within 5 years Iceland will replace the plastic packaging with paper or recyclable wrapping. Replacing the packaging on more than 1,400 products across 250 suppliers.

First to go will be the plastic ready meal tray, which will be replaced by wood-pulp trays which are 100% recyclable. Plastic bags for frozen vegetables will be replaced by paper, and they are also looking at alternatives for plastic bottles and milk cartons.

Iceland managing director Richard Walker said yesterday: 'The world has woken up to the scourge of plastics.

'A truckload is entering our oceans every minute, causing untold damage to our marine environment and ultimately humanity – since we all depend on the oceans for our survival.

'The onus is on retailers, as leading contributors to plastic packaging pollution and waste, to take a stand and deliver meaningful change.

'Other supermarkets, and the retail industry as a whole, should follow suit. This is a time for collaboration.'

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