Apple’s New Glass Walls Are a Health and Safety Hazzard

19 February by Miriam Heale


The newly launched Apple Park is California is a vision of architectural beauty, the centrepiece of the new HQ, nicknamed the 'spaceship' is a massive, ring-shaped office with enormous curved glass walls and interior glass pods, which look amazing, but aren’t that easy to see.

Apple employees are literally smacking into the glass walls as they walk around the building, distracted by talking to colleagues. 

There have been reports that employees started sticking post-it notes on the glass, but these were removed as they spoilt the aesthetics of the design, and there are meant to be indicators to identify the glass, however these are clearly not working.

The building has been designed by veteran architect Norman Foster, and has the capacity to house 13,000 employees.  The circular nature of the building allows people to walk and talk, collaborate and connect.  However, employees on iPhones and interacting with colleagues are getting distracted and bumping into the large curved glass walls, and interior glass pods.

 It is not clear how many incidents there have been, but at least seven people were reportedly injured on the first day after staff moved in and the emergency services have been called for at least two people with cuts to their heads.

Undoubtedly the corporate giant will quickly address these issues, but it is a stark reminder that safety and design go hand-in-hand, and it is vital, even for the most experienced of designers to collaborate with their health and safety advisors.

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