Eurostar London to Amsterdam Service Launched

22 February by


Eurostar will officially launch their new London to Amsterdam service to the public on 4th April 2018.

The long awaited launch was kicked of this week, with a press/industry trip, leaving St Pancras at 08.31am on Tuesday (20th Feb). 

The journey will take 3 hours and 41 minutes, tickets to the public are on sale now and start from just £35.  London to Amsterdam is one of the busiest air routes in Europe and at these prices Eurostart are positioning themselves to compete.

The train is also better for the environment than the aeroplane, and with free Wi-Fi onboard the new e320 carriages, it could be more attractive to business passengers.

The new Eurostar service to Holland serves both Rotterdam and Amsterdam.  It is a great opportunity to put Rotterdam on the tourist map, plus providing a gateway for people to discover other Dutch cities including Haarlem, Utrecht and The Hague.

The only flaw in the service is that there isn't a direct return train to London, you have to take a Thalys train to Brussels where you go through passport control and change onto a Eurostar service to London. 

Eurostar acknowledges this is a problem, though it remains powerless while the governments in the UK and the Netherlands complete an agreement which will enable passport checks to be conducted on departure in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. 

The Dutch government has agreed to put this in place in 2019.  


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