Health and Safety Inconsistent Across the Waste and Resources Industry

20 February by Jack Cornick


In a new report published this month, the Environmental Services Association (ESA) reports that since the launch of their Accident Reduction Charter in 2004, their members have seen an 85% reduction in injuries across the waste sector.

However, this is not consistent across the wider industry.  

The HSE recently reported the injury rate for the waste sector at 1800 (per 100,000 employees) representing only a 3% decrease in injuries on the previous year.

Furthermore, HSE statistics reveal fatalities in the waste industry to be around 15 times higher than the all-UK industry average, with 39 recorded since 2012.

The ESA therefore makes 4 recommendations to help improve health and safety across the wider waste industry:

  1. HSE should consider disaggregating private and public-sector injury statistics to allow for more meaningful comparison and for resources to be more effectively targeted on areas of greatest risk.
  2. The right KPIs should be adopted to ensure that health and safety remains at the centre of service delivery.
  3. Improve representation and engagement of all parts of the sector with the WISH Forum.
  4. HSE should consider extending its NLI programme to include a broader range of organisations and should share its findings more widely.

Read the report in full: Spotlight on health and safety: Contrasting performance in the waste and recycling industry

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