Cruising on Solar Power by 2020

06 March by


It’s not easy being green for cruise ships.  Typically vessels can consume thousands of gallons of fuel oil and create litres of sewage, with some ships depositing poorly processed sewage into the oceans.  The Japanese company Peace Boat want to change all that and have created an exciting new ship, dubbed the “world’s most eco-friendly cruise ship.”

Peace Boat has been working since 1983 to spread a culture of peace through education programs carried out primarily on its chartered vessel. Its new cruise ship—the Ecoship—is set to launch in 2020, in time for the Tokyo Olympics, and embodies the organisation’s commitment to sustainable travel.

Integral to design are systems for generating its own power, via 10 retractable wind generators and 10 retractable solar sails and will produce virtually zero waste.  Designed by Oliver Design, the ship weighs roughly 60,000 metric tons and can carry up to 2,000 passengers at a time. Greenery planted across five decks will help absorb extra water, while built-in vertical farm systems will produce organic veggies for meals.

The $500 million Ecoship is projected to emit 30 percent less carbon dioxide than current models as well as requiring 20 percent less propulsion energy and 50 percent less electricity. When completed in 2020, the Ecoship will also have a closed-loop water system.

Could this be the future of sea travel?

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