Improving Social Housing by Better Design

15 August by Bev Brackpool


Yesterday (14 August) James Brokenshire announced the government’s social housing green paper, which lays out plans to improve social housing across the UK.  The proposal includes, more flexible ways for people to buy their own homes, improving the tenant to landlord relationship, as well as creating better designs for new social housing.

Well designed homes not only improve the well-being and health of a community, but also increase the likelihood of public engagement, which can speed up the planning process.

“Involving local residents and communities in decisions about their neighbourhoods, done well and in a timely manner, will lead to a streamlined planning process” (Design Council, 2018)

Good housing design takes stock of location, topography, history and community, the process of design is influenced by landscape designers, sustainability consultants as well as architects and urban planners.  Internal design is also crucial and should be the starting point for the design process. In the rush to build more housing, we should not ignore the delivery of quality homes and engage the community in the process.

“We must not overlook the great strides forward that have been made in recent decades in the quality and performance of new homes, however in the rush to build the quantity of new homes that we desperately need, we must continue to improve and innovate and not regress.” (Design Council, 2018)

Affordable quality can be incorporated in social housing projects; ‘How design improves quality new homes’ an article by the Design Council outlines a variety of case studies in which successful architectural and urban design, has led to the delivery of quality affordable housing projects.  Running costs can also be reduced with innovative energy solutions, offering cheaper and greener solutions for the future. 

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