Technology Skills Required for International Development Talent

06 November by Vildan King


Digital technology; the use of mobile phones, using social media information for monitoring and evaluation, new software and apps being used in the global health sector, are requiring professionals working across International Development to get techy!

International development professionals increasingly need to know how to work with new digital technologies and stay abreast of new software.  It might be that you don’t use it every day, but just understanding how technology can be applied to your area of expertise is a good start.

Mobile phones have rapidly become one of the most significant tools for data collection within global development programmes and technology is always moving forward.  It helps to have some skills and knowledge of the applications being used and can give you a competitive edge, in what is a pretty competitive jobs market.

‘Digital health’ is being flagged as a future technology specialism, with programmers working with health professionals to deliver new digital solutions.  It doesn’t mean that everyone needs to know how to write code, but having some understanding of how applications work, would be an advantage.

Also, the emergence of new data applications, some of which are free, are enhancing the toolkit of monitoring and evaluation professionals; STATA and SPSS are well worth investigating.

To find out more about technological development read this article ‘Keeping up with global development: Skills in demand’, on

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