Plastic education

11 March by Ben Herbert


A report by Hi-cone via YouGov surveys rather worryingly states that 66% of UK adults are STILL unsure about how to recycle some types of plastic.

However, the good news is that the Brits are among the keenest of recyclers. 92% of UK adults regularly recycle at home, and 63% regularly recycle in public recycling bins – with 45% recycling all their plastic waste. This compares to global averages of 75% and 69% respectively.

Globally, there is still some uncertainty about what actually happens to the plastic when it’s put in the recycling bins – with a third of adults believing only 25% or less of this waste is actually recycled.

Information is key

80% of adults currently not recycling their plastic waste said they would recycle more if they had more facilities and guidance. This demonstrates the need for more consumer information on how and what to recycle where – as 91% of adults believe recycling plastic is beneficial to the environment and 69% of non-recyclers believed they should be recycling more.

The waste industry needs to look at how they can support a recycling culture and develop the infrastructure required in line with the climate emergency and net zero targets.

Providing education for those who need it, partnering with local and national governments to improve not only recycling knowledge but the systems in place to manage it, will ensure we’re moving towards a more circular economy.

Perhaps there’s an argument for more marketing roles to be created within the Waste industry to better explain and communicate the solutions available now and in the future?  We think they’d clean up in the Waste industry PR stakes!

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