Transport Planning

Transport Planning is crucial anywhere in the world because it serves the area economically, socially, and improves the quality of life for residents. Transport Planners are responsible for the placement of roads and motorways, overpasses, interchanges, bridges and tunnels. It focuses on the most efficient movement for people and goods around the world. Improving access to an area by building roads, motorways, overpasses, interchanges, bridges and tunnels not only reduces congestion, but increases accessibility. In turn, this attracts new residents and businesses - ultimately helping economic development.

We find candidates who are CIHT (Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation) chartered or those who aren’t but have relevant work experience – all the while being mindful of meeting the client brief.

Types of roles we can place include: Transport Planning Director, Head of Transport Planning, Associate Director  Transport Planning, Associate Transport Planner, Principal Transport Planner, Senior Transport Planner, Transport Planner, Graduate Transport Planner and Assistant Transport Planner.   


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