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Rail & Transportation Recruitment

Transport is an engine for UK economic growth. 

Its role in moving people and goods around the country is vital, but it is also a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2009, domestic transport accounted for 24% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions with the vast majority of this, at around 90% of all transport emissions, coming from road transport. 

ALLEN & YORK’s Rail and Transportation Team are supporting organisations in working toward; developing Smart Infrastructure to support low carbon mobility.  Purposefully engineering cities and other spaces to support a near zero-carbon transport future.

ALLEN & YORK’s RAIL & HIGHWAYS team support organisations working toward developing smart infrastructure to support low carbon mobility.

We work with some of the biggest companies in the sector to source and recruit highly experienced, knowledgeable personnel across this diverse and complex sector.

Our recruitment team continually build their candidate networks, often in skills-short markets to ensure we source the most relevant recruits for each position.

We primarily recruit mid to senior level ‘white collar’ professionals and are working with many high-profile organisations to build a new, more robust UK transportation infrastructure for the future.

Key Specialisms

  •   Automation, Signalling and Telecommunications
  •   Electrification and Plant
  •   Permanent Way
  •   Civil and Structural Engineering
  •   Estimation and Quantity Surveying
  •   Commercial Management
  •   Construction
  •   Highways Design
  •   Project Management

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