Additional Service Features

These are additional features that can be added to any service to make a real impact to how we make a difference to your business.

​These are done at a fixed cost or can sometimes be made into a bespoke package for your business subject to your needs:

+          Vacancy Exclusivity

Often added to many of our services to save you time dealing with multiple suppliers and helps us prioritise roles as well as justifying flexibility on our terms.

+          Face to Face interviewing

We have a track record of face to face interviewing across the market.
We can offer clients an extension of your resource, screen candidates and provide written reports.
This is typically done as a day rate on smaller projects.

+          Salary Survey Report

We have a vast network across the Built and Natural Environment.
We can provide clients with a detailed salary report as a piece of bespoke research or as part of a wider project.
This is charged as a one-off fee or can be integrated into a wider service.

+          Priority Supply

We recognise that no two roles are the same.
By adding on priority supply to our service we would look to agree and commit to more demanding timescales as well as place more resource in to your project.
This service is for particularly complex or urgent positions and is often added to PSL Supply service or as an enhancement to the Search Service.


Please feel free to get in touch to discuss these options with us, we can provide case studies or a clearer idea of pricing.
To discuss your current recruitment requirements, please contact:
Andy Tubb, Operations Manager
+44(0)1202 888 986