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Board-level Executives have the opportunity to pick and choose their next career move. Map this choice across the small pool of leadership talent in the Green economy and the challenge grows exponentially. That’s where Allen & York can help. 

It’s our job to help you find and secure senior talent, wherever they may work globally. Investing time in developing our network and talent pipeline of future leaders is key to our success. We specialise in Green Executive Search & Recruitment across Sustainability & ESG, Environment, Energy and Health & Safety, driven by purpose, we strive to support and expand the sustainability credentials and capabilities of companies worldwide.

Identifying and attracting successful Executive and Senior level staff, within these niche markets, requires a different skillset to your average recruitment process or average recruiter. Understanding the sector, analysing the role, ensuring personality fit and cultural alignment, and consideration of board and senior management team dynamics, will all play a part in ensuring the candidate hired is the right one lead in your organisation. We have the network and Search skills to make this happen.

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Market Mapping

Market Mapping at Allen & York is where we combine data with real-life insights and context, from our extensive research and experience within the Environmental, Sustainability & ESG, Energy, Health, Safety & Wellbeing sectors. We analyse the market, competitors and those disciplines with transferable skillsets, and review the potential match to our client’s company, role and culture. Our process identifies potential candidates within your specific and related markets, and uses the data gained to identify key competitors, target skills and core competencies that will enhance your internal team and strategic hiring decisions.

Our Search & Talent Acquisition Director leads the Search phase, confirms the data integrity and provides an overview of talent availability within a comprehensive report bespoke to your organisation and assignment.

Global Recruitment Network

With a global network of senior managers, executives and non-executives, we work across the private, public and third sectors to place purposeful leaders in purpose-led organisations. Committed to diversity, equality and inclusion, we’ll ensure the leaders of tomorrow are well equipped to transform your organisation for the future.

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Experience Matters

Our team of Executive Search Consultants are experienced, skilled and have the gravitas to work with senior and executive level hires across their specialist areas. They use their industry and sector knowledge, alongside understanding specific geographies and cultural expectations, to ensure our clients have the best in market candidates to select from.

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