How to write a CV / Resume

Writing your CV / Resume is not always easy, here are some straight forward and practical tips that will help you put together a clear and consise document which will stand out to potential employers


  • Put your CV together in a standard format (MS Word), if possible. Your CV needs to be easy to open.
  • Don't over design your CV with images, text boxes and colours.  Keep it simple!
  • Don't use tables - as some IT systems find them hard to read and your CV may take longer to process.


  •  Summary / Overview - start with an overview of yourself and your skills.
  • Education and Professional Qualifications - with dates.  
  • IT/Systems Skills.
  • Employment history- Most recent/current role first.
  • Hobbies/other interests if relevant.


Make your CV clear, short and easy to read - remember the employer will have several CVs to look at and may only look at yours for a couple of minutes. You want it to be easy to skim read.

Your CV is an advert of yourself, so remember to sell yourself.  You need to make sure you make it interesting and it highlights your key skills. Include everything that is relevant to the employer / recruitment agency.

Always use positive language as this will make a good impression to the reader.

Always write lists as bullet points.

Make sure you add the month and year on all dates.

Make sure you spell check the document.

Remember the CV only gets you the interview- you are the one who gets the job so make sure you can back up everything on your CV with valid examples!