INSIGHT - Job Analysis/Surveys


The INSIGHT solution means the whole recruitment process is managed by one named consultant, a specialist in your field, who takes the time and effort to understand you and your recruitment challenges.

From our initial briefing we work to fully understand your roles, using psychometric analysis and questionnaires, agreed upon by all decision makers.

We use these Job Analysis/Surveys as a discussion document to help stakeholders identify key factors required and to create a benchmark of behaviours. These help determine the role requirements before the actual search begins.

All stakeholders involved in the recruitment process consider what skills, qualifications and experience a successful candidate might need. They are also asked what attributes, qualities and behaviours would best suit to needs of the role. Plus, they  determine what some of the organisation definitions really involve, e.g. what does ‘ownership’ actually mean?

This up-front investment in time, and agreement made, will ensure there is no misunderstanding with the brief, that your
requirements are fully understood and provides a solid basis on which to build the selection process.

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