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R&D Technician (Lab Technician)

Job description

R&D Technician (Lab Technician)

Spotta is a fast-growing startup in Cambridge, UK. We are commercialising our proprietary smart insect Pods to allow targeted, precision interventions and help solve the £320Bn problem of insect

The world is facing an ecological crisis because of overuse of insecticide. Spotta's technology
changes this by allowing farmers, foresters and pest controllers to target their actions to exactly the right place and time, reducing or removing the need for chemicals. Our mission is to be the world's leading provider of technology, data and insights to drive more sustainable insect management.

This role is an opportunity for someone with an enquiring mind and strong practical and teamworking skills to be part of an exciting and fast-growing Cambridge technology company.

You will take the lead on building prototypes, constructing jigs and running experiments with both chemicals and live insects. This will play a core role in helping us develop our products for new markets.

We offer a fun start-up environment with a close-knit team who are committed to making a big impact.

Role description
You would be joining a team which is actively developing solutions for multiple different species. We build new prototypes and test our solutions with live insects on an almost daily basis. participate in
the following areas:

  • Performing functional tests on our hardware
  • Conducting experiments with live insects to investigate their behaviour
  • Maintaining our colonies of insects
  • Construction of prototypes and custom lab equipment
  • Fieldwork in the UK and internationally

The role will involve working closely with our entomologist and our engineering team.

We are a fast growing start-up so you should also expect to participate in a wide variety of other areas such, as the need and opportunity arises.

There is huge scope for the right candidate to take on increasing responsibility as Spotta continues to grow (we've doubled in size every year for 3 years!)

Attitude and culture

  • Enthusiasm and energy
  • Authentic and trustworthy colleague
  • Attention to detail
  • "Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in" attitude
  • Self sufficient and able to pick up new skills on the job
  • High expectations for the quality of their own and colleagues' work


  • Excellent practical skills
  • Experience with some or all of:
  • Workshop tools and building prototypes
  • Running experiments
  • Laboratory management
  • Chemical handling experience
  • Ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical people

We understand you may not have all the skills listed above and we will judge each application on its merits. We rank attitude and aptitude above specific skills or knowledge when choosing team-members.

Notes for Applicants
We particularly encourage applications from women and under-represented minorities in science and engineering industries.

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