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Love your job?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago

It’s that question that we sometimes ask ourselves and if we’re lucky (sometimes very lucky) the answer is a resounding YES, I LOVE MY JOB! But for those less fortunate, what should you do about it?

In uncertain times, and where you’re in a job that pays a decent salary and has a good bunch of workmates, maybe you can just sit it out?

And there’s nothing wrong with that. You know it’s not forever. You’ll just ride it out until something better comes along. And then you get complacent. And then you settle. And then you get to a point of questioning, am I even marketable? Can I even get a new job?

When you haven’t changed jobs for a while, you forget how time consuming and sometimes soul destroying it can be. But don’t let the fear of moving put you off. Think about what you really want to do in your dream job and make it happen.

Here are five things you should consider right now:

1. You feel invisible

No-one is giving you any feedback on what you’re doing. You feel like people who have been in your organisation less time are moving up the careers ladder and you’re laying stagnant. Your career has stalled, and it doesn’t look like changing. You need to move on.

2. Challenge rejected

You’re not challenged any more. The excitement you once felt about delivering a fantastic project or writing a Pulitzer prize winning report has gone. Okay, maybe its unrealistic to think you’re going to be challenged in a positive way, every day, but there should be an element of improving your knowledge and picking up new skills. If your employer isn’t interested in your career development, then why would you stay?

3. Do you want to sign this card….?

If there’s been a sudden glut of leaving cards, leaving drinks or covering someone who’s left work, then it might be time to start updating your LinkedIn profile. If your friends and colleagues are finding new opportunities, then you probably can too.

4. Your heart’s not in it

You’ve given it a go, sometime for years and years, but you know intrinsically it’s time to move. It’s time to take charge, make some positive steps and go out and get what you deserve.

5. Recruiters are calling

When you’re happy in your role, calls from recruiters can be a mild annoyance. When you’re feeling a little bored, uninspired or un-challenged, they could be exactly what you need. Even if you’re not in the market, keeping in-touch with a recruiter will keep you on their radar when that dream job does come up. And they could negotiate you a better deal – both financially and in term of flexibility.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re thinking about any or all the five points above, maybe it’s time to speak to a recruiter? At ALLEN & YORK, we work with clients across the globe to find people their perfect role.

We’re working collaboratively, in partnership with our clients, to find you a job you’ll love.

Happy Valentine’s day.