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The Search for ESG talent

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

​Demand for Environmental, Social & Governance experts in the current candidate market has never been higher. Whether your organisation is looking for analysts, strategists or all types of those expert in ESG, the demand is currently far outweighing supply of qualified people. This causes two issues, the lack of talent available to do the actual job and the bigger challenge of growth within sustainability and climate solutions.

Across the board, where companies are required to collect and report on their ESG data, to a broad range of stakeholders and by government dictate (especially those working within professional services like management consulting, finance, investment, private equity, advisory or real estate) it’s likely you’ll be looking to hire the best talent and be working against your competition.

With ESG an area of relative infancy, with an ever changing dynamic, supply and demand is an obviously an issue. Simply put, there aren’t enough qualified people to fill the roles. That’s why we’re here to help.

Whether you’re looking for the people to collect and analyse, to present the data or those who are driving the organisational strategy throughout (at leadership level), we have a network of candidates ready to match with purpose-led clients struggling to hire.

Whether ESG for you is more sustainability-led or primarily finance-related, terminology is important and understanding of the nuances in this niche set Allen & York apart from our competition. Finding the right people will help ensure that you meet your ESG goals and commitments. We have seen a strategic shift to ESG leadership over delivery, with candidates needed to drive ESG strategy, and report on that strategy, at the highest levels.

The terminology and the lack of standardisation of the role (with no specific qualification) across the board adds an additional challenge to the normal search. Add to this, multiple job offers on the table, counteroffers left right and centre, salaries increasing exponentially, and you’ll appreciate that nurturing the candidates through the process and selling your employer brand is key.

We can find the people, ensure their credentials across your core competencies, from business acumen to sustainability or environmental success and leadership skills and a passion for the subject. The war for green talent will even out over time but do you have time to wait? If the answer is no, get in touch today:

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