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Are manufacturers changing their approach to sustainable packaging?

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago

This week I was looking forward to receiving some lovely new trainers which I’d ordered a few weeks earlier. I had ordered from this shoe company about 3 years ago and received my trainers in a branded shoe box within a shipping box which was slightly disappointing. This time, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my trainers were sent in a suitably sized branded box which acted as a shoe and shipping package in one, with no additional materials.  

Inside the packaging was an explanation on how the box had been made with 100% recycled materials and that it was able to be broken down easily and recycled again. As a consumer, I was impressed with the evolution of the packaging compared to my previous order. Does it make me want to order from this company again? Well - if the trainers live up to my expectations - yes. These things are personally important to me and this certainly reinforced my loyalty to the brand. 

The good news is that more major brands are working on solutions to minimise their packaging, ensuring that it fits the product, but that it’s also sustainable and recyclable too. Consumers are more aware than ever before about the impact their purchasing and lifestyle has on the environment. Choosing a brand which uses sustainable packaging is a win win situation for both consumer and brand (and indeed the world around us). 

As a brand, there are some great reasons to embrace sustainable packaging. Developing more innovative ways of packaging products could mean a significant reduction in an organisation’s carbon footprint. Sustainable packaging can minimise the impact on the environment, protect goods from damage in transit and reduce materials used and their weight – making a cost saving and helping reduce transport emissions. And, as demonstrated above, customers are loyal to great products and brands that are doing their bit to mitigate climate change in whatever way they can. 

Customers, retailers and employees expect brands to be doing more for the environment, whether they’re buying from, distributing or working for them. Contributing to the innovation of sustainable packaging and working to enhance the environment and society demonstrates a brands commitment to be and do better.  

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