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Why hire Climate Risk professionals?

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 months ago

​Every day the impact of climate change is becoming ever more obvious around the world. Extreme weather is becoming more frequent and increasingly severe and increasingly we’re seeing natural disasters, rising sea levels and extreme weather events. Businesses and investors are acknowledging the need to address climate risk as part of their overall risk management strategies.

This growing awareness has led to a rapid increase in demand for professionals with a clear understanding and knowledge of climate risk adaptation and management. Subsequently, this has meant that climate risk recruitment is rapidly becoming an important priority for many organisations.

The process of hiring professionals with the knowledge and understanding as well as the skills needed to help businesses identify, assess, and manage climate related risks can be challenging for a number of reasons. Understanding what skill set you may require in a potential new hire is key to this; and may include professionals from backgrounds in environmental science, sustainability, climate modelling, risk management, or other similar fields.

The need to build and develop a team of professionals who can help the business understand and prepare for the potential immediate and future impacts of climate change on their operations, supply chains, and stakeholders is a key function for any business to secure.

Why is climate risk so important for organisations? 

Risk Mitigation: Climate change itself presents significant risks to organisations, including physical risks to assets, operational risks, and financial risks. By hiring experts in climate risk management, organisations can better understand and mitigate these risks, reducing the potential negative impacts on their operations and bottom line.

Meeting Stakeholder Expectations: Investors and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding that organisations take action to address climate-related risks. Hiring expert professionals in climate risk management demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices, which can help build trust and strengthen relationships with stakeholders.

Staying Ahead of Regulations: Governments around the world are taking action to address climate change through regulations and policies. By hiring Professionals in climate risk management, your business can stay ahead of these regulations and ensure compliance, avoiding potential penalties and reputational damage.

Identifying Opportunities: While climate change presents significant risks, it also creates new opportunities for innovation and growth. By hiring professionals in climate risk management, businesses can identify these opportunities and develop strategies to capitalise on them, this may include developing new products and services that address climate-related challenges well in advance of competitors.

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent, organisations have a responsibility to address climate-related risks and build resilience throughout the business. Recruiting Climate Risk professionals into your business is an important step towards achieving this goal. Climate Risk professionals help organisations identify and mitigate potential risks while also identifying opportunities for growth and innovation.

Not sure where to start? In a competitive market, with a limited talent pool, you might need help.

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