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Are Sustainability and ESG losing the popularity contest? 

  • Publish Date: Posted 5 months ago

Are Sustainability and ESG losing the popularity contest? 

Once the buzzword of C-level meetings, there’s been a noticeable shift in how organisations are navigating ESG and Sustainability. 

For all the well-founded business reasons there are for ensuring ESG and Sustainability has a seat at every boardroom table, the reality could be a different story. 

Why is this?  

Well, it seems the popularity of committing to being more eco-friendly has taken a bit of a nosedive in comparison to the issues facing many organisations today. A cost-of-living crisis, the ongoing recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic and a Brexit hangover (amongst other issues) has instead been monopolising the time, energy and resources of senior management across the UK and globally; with many also feeling the pressure to produce some profit. 

Couple this with accusations of ‘greenwashing’ (appearing to be greener than you actually are) and ‘greenhushing’ (when a company deliberately conceals its green credentials to avoid public scrutiny) flying around, it perhaps isn’t surprising that some companies are filing ESG and Sustainability in the ‘too difficult’ category. 

No-one puts Sustainability in the corner…  

Whilst it may be difficult, this approach simply isn’t sustainable. ESG and Sustainability can’t be put back in the box. Although some organisations are struggling with it, many (big brands included) are seeing the benefits of hiring sustainability specialists and are benefiting from the value and expertise they are adding to their businesses in all areas (including their profitability). 

You just have to look at our blog about the benefits of having a Sustainability expert in your business (and what they can bring to the boardroom) to see why. Click here for the Magnificent Seven reasons why sustainable business practices could strengthen your organisation. 

Need help kick starting the hiring process? 

Finding the right people, with the right skills to make a positive impact on your Sustainability initiatives isn’t always easy. That’s where Allen & York can help. 

Allen & York have been specialising in environmental and sustainability recruitment for over 30 years, delivering great hires to the green economy across the globe. We have built a network of talented and committed professional recruiters, with state-of-the-art research techniques and an unrivalled talent pool. We place purposeful people into purpose-led organisations all over the world.  

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