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Part-time workers – is it time to re-evaluate our perceptions? 

  • Publish Date: Posted 5 months ago

For many years, part-time employment has been viewed rather unfairly, associated with a lack of ambition and junior roles. Is it time to challenge these outdated perceptions? 

Part-time workers have long found themselves labelled as unambitious. A rather sweeping generalisation that perhaps hasn’t been fully challenged until now, in our post pandemic world where how we work, when we work and where we work is being looked at in a whole new light.

The majority of part-time workers in the UK are women, combining work with caring commitments. Many will bring with them a wealth of experience and still have ambitions to further their careers. There are 8 million part-time workers in the UK – a significant number of individuals not to be ignored or written off.

A recent study by social enterprise, Timewise “A Question of Time” has interviewed 4,000 workers in the UK, examining the state of part-time employment. The report shows that 50% of respondents disagree with the belief that part-time workers are unambitious. 

Part-time workers still face an uphill battle to be recognised as being ambitious. The perception that part time roles slow career progression is still very much there, with managers appearing conflicted. 40% of managers interviewed said they are open to considering part-time options in the future, but 53% still see part time work as a barrier to career progression. 

There’s a growing number of part-time workers who have ambitions and want a fulfilling role where they will be recognised for their valuable contributions. Is it time we saw the person and not the hours that they work?

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