C-Suite Sustainability & ESG Hiring?

At Allen & York, we have a pedigree of working with board-level, leadership individuals for over 30 years. As specialists in the Sustainability & ESG recruitment space, we know top talent when we see it. That’s why we’re representing Liz Porter in her search for her next role.

Liz is a transformation leader and C-suite executive with 20+ years of leadership experience in Finance and Insurance Asset Management and Private Equity.

Find out more about Liz below to see how she can help your organisation with your Sustainability & ESG goals and become an invaluable member of your leadership team.

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Liz’s career includes a proven track record of developing strategic pathways for ESG and Sustainability that deliver critical metrics and drive business growth. She specializes in transforming businesses to use data strategically and scale efficiently. Liz is known for her trusted advisor approach and collaborative leadership style. As a transformation leader and change agent, Liz focuses on continuous improvement to optimize business by refining organizational relationships, aligning goals and incentives, and developing high-performing teams. Liz is a forward-thinking strategic partner who develops actional roadmaps to fuel long-term, sustainable growth. She excels at developing cross-organizational partnerships and engaging with senior managers and Board members to align on strategic targets.


Liz's expertise spans a broad range of disciplines including:

Business Transformation & Change Management | ESG and Sustainability Strategy & Reporting | ESG Regulation & Data Strategy | Organizational Leadership & Vision | Strategic Planning & Roadmaps | Process Improvement | Operational Due Diligence | Controls & Governance | Systems Implementation & Transition | Negotiations & Contracts | Operations Management: Performance, Compliance, Operations, Business Management, Operational Risk & Audit | Talent & Team Development | Coaching & Mentoring | Diversity & Inclusion | Board Leadership

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Motivators and drivers

Liz’s greatest successes have been developing strategic pathways for ESG and Sustainability that transform businesses and drive business growth. Liz believes that innovation is the key to solving the complicated problems resulting from climate change today and wants to drive transitions that address the world’s most complicated problems related to sustainability.

Liz is a team builder and mentor who listens to understand and prizes intellectual curiosity. She builds strong and loyal teams and mentors and hires top talent. Her energy and passion are evident in her work ethic and deadline-driven style. She excels in a deadline-driven environment with a high level of accountability and can provide leadership in an environment that suffers from a lack of clarity.

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