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Our expertise within the sustainability sector is second to none.  We specialise across; Environmental, Energy, Health & Safety, Planning & Built Environment, Waste and Renewable Energy recruitment


Having been through a period of fluctuation over the last 10 years, the signs couldn't be more positive that the Planning & Built Environment market is trending upward.  Increased demand for housing, town planning and sustainable social infrastructure has led to a growth in job opportunities, but a shortage of candidates. 

ALLEN & YORK specialist consultants have extensive market networks and work with consultancies, developers and authorities, to deliver the most experienced and well matched candidates for their requirements. 

KEY DISCIPLINES - Town Planning, Transport Planning, Design, Surveying, Architecture, Landscape, Contract/Temporary


The past decade has seen the Building & Energy Services market mature significantly, with the efficient use of energy taking its place as an important consideration across many global businesses.

As legislative requirements around the energy efficiency of buildings and organisations are tightened and the cost of energy continues to rise, high-quality energy services professionals are increasingly in demand.

KEY DISCIPLINES - Building Sustainability, Low Carbon Design, Energy Engineering, Energy Efficiency Consultancy, Energy Management, Low Carbon Products, Energy Sales & Procurement


With ongoing advances in innovation and affordability, coupled with global targets and commitments to reduce carbon emissions, the case for renewable energy has never been stronger.  As a consequence, the demand for skilled professionals across the global renewable energy sector is steadily increasing. 

ALLEN & YORK’s Energy Generation team work in partnership with; major investors, developers, manufacturers, utilities, construction and engineering companies, to deliver successful recruits across technical and non-technical  positions.

KEY DISCIPLINESSolar, Onshore Wind, Offshore Wind, Wave & Tidal, Biomass, Transmission & Distribution, Market Regulation


From SME to global conglomerates, the welfare of your workforce is of paramount importance. Increased productivity, reduced absences and an enhanced reputation are just some of the benefits that a world class health and safety department can provide.  

With industry recovering from the global recession, businesses are recognising more than ever the importance of employee wellbeing to their performance.  Health and Safety is and will continue to be a thriving function at the heart of any successful organisation.

KEY DISCIPLINES - Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), Construction, CDM, Risk & Safety, Quality, Occupational Health & Hygiene, Fire Safety


With diminishing natural resources and raw materials at a premium, the resource industry is fast evolving to satisfy the global demand for recycled and reprocessed materials.  New technologies are creating new job opportunities and we are witnessing the growth in demand for specialist professionals within this innovative and dynamic industry. 

ALLEN &YORK’s specialist consultants have over 20 years experience across the waste and recycling market, and deliver rewarding and value driven results.

KEY DISCIPLINES - Waste Management/Operations, Energy from Waste, Waste Planning/Strategy, Recycling, Waste Engineering, Waste Sales, Public Sector/ Not for Profit


The increasing complexity of the environmental challenges facing the world today, continue to create a diverse and dynamic environmental careers market. 

Constantly maturing and developing across a range of technical disciplines, environmental issues are as pivotal to multimillion dollar construction projects and large corporate mergers & acquisitions, as they are to local planning applications or small charity based initiatives. 

All projects carry significant importance to the protection of the planet and at ALLEN & YORK we take great pride in recruiting across this developing global sector.

KEY DISCIPLINES - EIA/ESIA, Ecology, EMS/Permitting, Air/Noise, Contaminated, Land/Geotechnical Eng, Water, Due Diligence


The landscape in which global businesses operate and how they see their part in society is changing rapidly. Consumers, partner businesses and investors all have expectations in terms of corporate responsibility (CR).

ALLEN & YORK’s dedicated Corporate team have long been successful in finding solutions to our clients’ unique sustainability recruitment challenges. 

Our understanding of the intricacies of these skills sets and how they often overlap is critical to our success and a key part of the ALLEN & YORK service offering. We bring over 20 years of market knowledge and a global talent network to each assignment. 

KEY DISCIPLINES - CSR & Sustainability, Social & Community, ESG & SRI, Environmental Management, Sustainable Supply Chain, Communications, Governance and Public Affairs


Transport is an engine for UK economic growth. 

Its role in moving people and goods around the country is vital, but it is also a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2009, domestic transport accounted for 24% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions with the vast majority of this, at around 90% of all transport emissions, coming from road transport. 

ALLEN & YORK’s Rail and Transportation Team are supporting organisations in working toward; developing Smart Infrastructure to support low carbon mobility.  Purposefully engineering cities and other spaces to support a near zero-carbon transport future.


R&T Construction, Commercial Management, Electrification & Plant, Automation, Signalling &Telecommunications, Operations, Engineering and Consulting


ALLEN & YORK’s Professional Services Recruitment team are experts in sourcing high calibre talent across the full range of professional services functions, these include; Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Commercial and HR. Our extensively networked and experienced consultants offer access to a global network of highly experienced professionals.

As part of our continued sustainable recruitment support ALLEN & YORK’s Professional Services team offer an ethical and value-driven service, to ensure sustainable growth within your business.

We bring over 20 years of market knowledge and a global talent network to each assignment.


Accountancy & Finance, HR & Internal Recruitment, Information Technology, Sales &
Marketing, Administration & Office Support, Warehousing & Logistics, Procurement & Supply Chain


Growing urbanisation, population growth and an increased demand for food, energy and industry, are putting extra pressure on companies to better manage our water resources.

At current usage, the world faces a 40% shortfall in water supplies by 2030.

ALLEN & YORK are recruitment partners for major water utility companies, multi-disciplinary consultancies, construction contractors and equipment manufacturers.  

Supporting the water industry in their strategy to deliver a sustainable cycle to meet our needs for water and sewerage today, and for future generations to come.


Mechanical & Electrical, Project Management, Civil Engineering, Leakage, Waste water & Sewerage, Asset Management and Contract

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