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Can new cities pave the way to climate neutrality?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 4 years ago
  • Author:by Katie Pereira

Utilising over two-thirds of the world’s energy consumption and emitting 70% of CO21, global cities don’t really shout “climate action”. To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, there needs to be a full-scale revamp of the way cities are designed, built and operated in the future.

Harmonising alongside decarbonising

Transformation is key. Decarbonising cities using digitisation will help pave the way for more modern, smart cities. If we want to be climate-neutral by 2050 then fundamental things need to change.

Schneider, the electrical giant, are leading the charge and propose a three-point roadmap to put us on the right path for future developments2:

  1. Introduce ultra-efficiency to buildings - reducing the average 150kWh per year consumption rate by 66% to a far more optimal 50kWh. 

  2. Remove all fossil-fuels from heating, air-conditioning, etc, essentially making all processes fully electric.

  3. Introduce integrated renewable energy sources.

Using state-of-the art technology is paramount to the success of these goals, e.g. using smart panels to overcome the challenge of power outages and to provide significant data will increase overall operational efficiency.

A digital revolution

We know that digital solutions have changed everyday lives both in a personal and work context (think smartphones and computers), moving it forward from single use, to homes to entire cities should be right at the heart of projects. It will have a massive impact on meeting climate goals and bring with it both challenges and opportunities in terms of employment.

With skills constantly being updated and roles diversifying within the industry, it’s important to recognise how the digitisation of the workforce can impact our everyday lives in a ‘greener’ way.

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