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Hydrogen – the clear alternative?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago

​There’s much talk in the news about fossil fuels, their impact on the environment and what we need to do about it. One of the ways we’re may be able to meet net zero emissions is by looking at hydrogen as the clean alternative to those “dirtier” options we’re currently using.

c£30m from UK Energy Department BEIS to fund five hydrogen projects (two of which are centred on producing green hydrogen from offshore wind) is a great start, as is the formation of a Hydrogen Taskforce.

The Hydrogen Taskforce, made up of BP, Shell, Arup, Baxi, BOC, BNP Paribas (plus its vehicle leasing company Arval), Cadent, DBD, ITM Power and Storengy, will agree a way forward for the UK to capitalise on the use of hydrogen to decarbonise in the home and lead the way across the global market.


With a clear, agreed, purpose, there is an opportunity to promote large-scale deployment of hydrogen to deliver net zero. As a starting point, the Taskforce has published a report – ‘The Role of Hydrogen in Delivering Net Zero’ – to outline their policy recommendations for both industry and government to work towards to 2025.

Actions put forward include suggested investment (£1bn into hydrogen production, storage and distribution) and a cross-departmental hydrogen strategy with the government. Funding is also requested for producing hydrogen for use in the gas grid, industrial use, power generation and transport.

Imagine the opportunities that might present themselves if the industry can develop 100% hydrogen heating, hydrogen boilers, refuelling stations and hydrogen transport. These developments in technology inevitably mean opportunities to grow the jobs market. Starting with education (teaching people about the new technology), through to re-skilling from older technologies (to take existing skills and diversify for the future).


The opportunities were succinctly summed up by MP for Redcar, Jacob Young, who said: “It is clear that we cannot meet our net zero 2050 target without hydrogen technology” and “By taking the next steps and accelerating Hydrogen development programs we can create thousands of new, skilled, green jobs and continue to lead the world in the hydrogen economy.”

Exciting times in the energy world and future technologies.

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