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Building a smarter recovery

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago
  • Author:by Vicki Angus

​The coronavirus pandemic may have stopped the world from turning and put the global economy on hold, but has it also highlighted the need for change?

With a climate emergency already upon us, if we’re going to come out of this unprecedented situation better, then surely we have to “build back better”. And part of that means looking at building more sustainable, energy-efficient cities in which we reside.

Using energy resources intelligently alongside utilising technology and innovation are integral as we push toward a carbon neutral 2050 target. Integral to this then will be investment in ‘smart city’ technology to create smart buildings, vehicles and even industry. Consuming the energy produced "behind the meter", improves energy systems and energy efficiency.

Equally, technology needs more development to ensure automation is easier, infrastructure is accessible, mobility is smart (with more electric vehicles and fast charging ports available) and that the supply is efficient and managed properly.

Being efficient is key – making buildings save more energy and making new homes/commercial buildings (offices/manufacturing plants) smart also has to happen for a greener future. Using data, in real-time, to manage energy usage and improve energy efficiency will reduce their carbon footprint. Equally, planning these cities so they are “15 minute cities”, where people can meet their living requirments (e.g. shopping, working, leisure pursuits) within a short walk or cycle ride from their home.

People make the change

How can this happen without the right skills and education? In short, it can’t. We have to be looking to up-weight skills in this area and in the green economy overall. 

To create a more resilient future we have to create a more resilient sustainable workforce. Creating and filling jobs that, at their core, abide by sustainable principles and look to improve not only the environment but the health and wellbeing of people who live and work in them is the goal. Let’s make it happen.

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