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Is your recruitment process slowing down your hiring?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author:by Miles Bishop

At Allen & York we’ve been working with clients since 1993, helping them to recruit across Environment, Energy, Sustainability, Health, Safety & Wellbeing. During this time, we’ve seen our fair share of great and not so great recruitment processes. Elongated processes and a lack of resources can lead to valuable candidates being missed and unqualified candidates slipping through the net. And, when candidates aren’t informed when they didn’t get the job, this can damage your employer brand. Here are a few tips on how to improve the process and delight your candidates.

Write a job advert, don’t use your job description

The job advert should be concise and to the point. A summary of the most important aspects of the role, a bit about your organisation and culture and importantly, the “what’s in it for them” – whether that’s a market leading salary, a robust benefits package, opportunities for training and development or hybrid/remote working. Think about what’s going to make the candidate choose you over the competition.

Talking of culture

Culture sells. There’s a war for green talent and the candidate market is fierce. Consider your organisation’s culture and your reputation in the hiring market. A great culture effects recruitment and retention positively, it encourages engagement and can drive productivity. Your employer brand and recruitment process should reflect your wider business and demonstrate to candidates why they should work with you.

Career development opportunities sell

After a two-years of stunted progression, nearly two-thirds of employees say that career development opportunities with their current employer would be a distinct motivator for them to start looking for a new job. Think about what you’re offering in terms of training and development and highlight it as a sell to candidates.

Don’t rely on your PSL

PSLs are all well and good but what happens when you have a really niche roles that you need to fill, or a board level hire, within the green economy that your current suppliers have no experience in? If you need to delve into a deeper, quality network where your Recruiter has gravitas and can offer true consultancy, choosing the right recruitment partner will pay dividends.

If you have a senior or technical niche position to fill and want to reach the right talent for your business, reach out to us at:

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