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☀️ Don’t let the summer holidays slow down your hiring ☀️

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago


With schools on their summer break and holiday season in full flow many companies tend to slow down their recruiting process, but is that actually good business practice? It is understandable why recruiting might take a back seat – with the difficulty in getting hiring managers in the same room at the same time due to clashing diaries. We believe the idea of slowing down recruitment during the summer holidays is a mistake (we would say that wouldn’t we?!), here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Your pipeline of work won’t diminish: The result of not having the talent in place to deliver on project commitments, when you need them, could be limiting for business growth.

  2. The demand for jobs doesn’t stop: Just because summer holidays are here, it doesn’t mean job seekers stop searching for new career opportunities. We see year after year a pool of skilled workers actively looking for positions during this period.

  3. Less competition: With many companies slowing down their recruitment process, you can stand out by maintaining a consistent hiring effort. By continuing to recruit during summertime, you can gain access to a smaller pool of candidates as other employers reduce their hiring drive.

  4. Planning for future needs: By staying on top of hiring during the summer, you can keep track of potential candidates for your future recruitment needs.

  5. Avoiding a backlog of hiring demands: Getting ahead of the recruitment curve can only be a good thing. Failing to recruit during the summer period can mean being swamped with recruitment requests just when you need to focus on other objectives.

Keep ahead of the competition by not slowing down your recruitment efforts during the summer holidays. While it’s tempting to take a break, these are just a few reasons why staying on top of recruitment during summertime can benefit your business. 

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